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the hallucination of the normal/ 2020

a collaboration with mariana saldarriaga

in 1997, the mayor of bogotá released a public competition to change bogotá's image. the result: la cartilla de mobiliario urbano. a technical and neutral document that would easily solve the arbitrary and dissimilar image that characterized bogotá. a key to development in two hundred illustrated pages.

although apparently neutral and well-intentioned, la cartilla de mobiliario urbano de bogotá is part of a modern tradition that we question; notions of progress, aesthetics and design hidden in every technical decision. the  modernist agenda, a totalitarian idea that seeks

for the generic through a categorization within the good-bad binary, ending the same diversity that allows its existence. a reality that is built from replacing truths, not the coexistence of knowledge.

the hallucination of the normal is an action: a subjective and arbitrary interpretation of la cartilla de mobiliario urbano de bogotá. assembled objects are continually organized and re-organized in space. a speculation about new ways of doing and understanding.


public objects that seem domestic, benches that are not suitable for sitting,  bollards that can be moved, bus stops that do not fit people. an exploration around the subjective, the arbitrary, the chaotic, the inefficient, the redundant, the absurd, and its agency to re-think the public.

the hallucination of the normal, general view

installation at espacio odeón


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